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Okay, all fictional characters EVER. Repeat after me: When I meet someone new, someone I am sweet on, I do not own THEM, their HISTORY, or their previous romantic relationships. Except insomuch as it informs the anti-STI precautions you take with them, which you should always take anyway, it does not matter how much they dated, fooled around, or were serially monogamous, as long as it was in a consensual and respectful manner. I don't care if a guy was with one girl for ten years or ten girls for a day, if nobody got hurt, you don't get to be jealous of the previous lovers.

And that goes for all genders. SERIOUSLY. People's lives and hearts aren't yours to OWN.
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Reading comprehension.

It is your friend.

That is all.
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Recently, I had this conversation via Instant Messaging.

(name redacted): hi, I saw you were looking for a RP partner
Sonneillon: Where at?
(name redacted): I dont recall
Sonneillon: Me neither
(name redacted): well sorry for bothering you then
Sonneillon: That's all right.

Personally I don't think I was particularly unfriendly here. I didn't condemn this complete stranger for IMing me out of the blue and then failing to note where they found my name. I've never seen their username before. Most people who know me know I'm pretty careful on the internet, because everyone is anonymous until proven otherwise, and you can present yourself as whatever you like without the other person being the wiser. But I try not to breathe fire down the throats of those who got up the courage to say 'hi' out of the aether, and if this person had, at that time, wanted to continue this conversation, that would have been fine. I didn't tell them to get lost. They chose to do that on their own.

Today, this happened:

(name redacted): hi, are you seeking a RP tonight?
Sonneillon: Why, are you bored?
(name redacted): well yea but that is not a very welcoming answer.
Sonneillon: I'm still trying to figure out where we know each other from.
(name redacted): I told you. I saw you had an ad or your name listed somewhere.
(name redacted): You are not friendly at all and it's a real put off.
Sonneillon: LOL Okay. Feel free to run along then.
(name redacted): and I will also feel free to warn others about your horrible attitude, personality, and way you treat people.
Sonneillon: LMFAO yeah, because asking you a relevant question is totally horrible. How dare I.

That last message got an automatic response that my conversation partner had gone offline.

I think it kind of speaks for itself. I'm not sure what this person wanted me to do... lay down palm leaves in hir path? Put five smilies on everything I typed so zie could be assured that I am SUPER INCREDIBLY THRILLED to hear from hir? If you need that much confirmation just to talk to someone, the issues aren't with me.

I realize plenty of people are shy, which makes communicating awkward, which is fine. I've heard I intimidate such people, for which I apologize, because I don't mean to be intimidating. But this entire conversation smacks of a sense of entitlement - how dare I not gush all over the place??? - that is fairly off-putting to me. Also, passive-aggressiveness, which most of you already know I detest.

*shakes head*

Internetz, y'all.


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