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I hear this approximately once a week. "It's political correctness gone/run amok!" I'm fortunate that I usually hear it on TV, or on the radio, or I see it written somewhere on the internet. The people who are saying it are usually not connected to me in any way, which is good; if they were, we'd have an argument. In fact, I have had that argument repeatedly with one of my best friends. We've since resolved not to talk about it, or indeed, about anything remotely political.

The reason is this: I don't think Political Correctness Run Amok is a bad thing. Read More )
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Since I last posted, there has been more discussion in the Pagan blogosphere about trans* exclusion at PantheaCon. Read More )
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Kate Pickett explains why income equality is a good thing for all of us, rich and poor.

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Newt Gingrich: What if some of those children are Jewish? What if they're Pagan? What if they're Buddhist, or Muslim, or Sikh? What if they're Hindu, or Jains, or Native American? What if they're Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender? What you are proposing is religious totalitarianism and that will HURT children, lots of children. I can prove this because it already HAS been hurting them. Moron.
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I can't even put into words how many trigger warnings apply to this article. You may cry even if you're not triggered by anti-GLBT content.

One Town's War on Gay Teens


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