Apr. 24th, 2012

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He was up literally all night, sleeping in fits broken by periods of hysterical crying because his throat hurts so badly, and he can’t cough because it hurts, and can’t eat or drink because it hurts. He had a fever and was sweaty, and is generally snotty, though that may be because he can’t swallow.

Pediatrician said it’s probably a virus, nothing to do but wait it out. She obvsly wasn’t up until 5am with him last night. She said he can have cough suppressant medicine and warm tea with honey, which is a remedy I can totes get behind. It still hurts him to swallow, but he’s a good boo, so he’s drinking it because I told him to and at this point he’s in a state of pure, blind trust because Mama is magic and nothing else is working. He’s too young to gargle - he still swallows most of his toothpaste despite endless explanations about how he’s not supposed to. Otherwise I’d have him gargling salt water.

He’s so miserable, poor thing.
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It was a battle and a half. Lots of crying, lots of dramatic choking, more than a little spitting up. Chicken noodle soup and a cup of cold tea with honey. By the time it was over, he was taking bites of noodles and chicken without crying and near to guzzling the tea. This is good and necessary because he's barely eaten anything in two days and has been crying and fever-sweating constantly, so getting some salts and nutrients in him, and replacing fluids, was IMPORTANT.

So I'm happy, and he got a popsicle for his efforts.


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