Feb. 4th, 2012

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I recently started skirmishing with Dezi. Skirmishing, in LotRO, is kind of like a game of capture-the-flag, except your side only has a small handful of people and the other side has approximately a billion. It's decently fun though, and gives you a good chunk of experience, so it's a great way to level up especially if you're having trouble with the quests you've gotten for your level *COUGH*GARTHAGARWEN*COUGH*. You can also get some deeds, cash, and you get things called skirmish marks which you can trade in for gear, cosmetics, and upgrades for the soldier who's assigned to follow you around and watch your back.

After my first skirmish, I spent a lot of time clicking through all the traders looking at their stuff. I found some SUPER cool-looking helmets (I bought them purely for appearance because Dezi can craft himself better armor than the skirmish traders have. Wheee, metalsmithing!) and some awesome cosmetics. I've put together a new cold-weather outfit for Dezi and Wyn to share, pictured below. Also, today Dezi got his quest reward for helping the poor during WinterFest! I now have all the different winterquest outfit quest rewards, so there's some fancy combinations that can be made.

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