Jan. 20th, 2012

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So I'm guessing this was a tactic to keep people from checking out of the winter festivities early. I had already abandoned the winter festival and gone back to leveling my characters (got Dezi from lvl 33 halfway to lvl 35 and did a couple achievements with Wyn) when I found out from the LotR Cosmetics blogs I follow that the development team had introduced some new winter festival cosmetics with the last patch. The new cosmetics include a dress, two cloaks, a tunic+pants combo, and a horse! So now I've gone back to grinding the winter festival quests. I've purchased both cloaks and the dress (I don't like how the tunic+pants combos look on my characters but I think they'd look much better on a dwarf or hobbit) and Wyn managed to purchase the new horse. So without further ado, here are some pics of Wyn on her new horse, in her new winter outfit.

These pics do not cover all the winter cosmetics, just the outfit Wyn has on at the moment.

Cut for Consideration )

As a side note, the other day I was questing in Rivendell with Dezi and he completed a riddle contest with Bilbo Baggins. One of the rewards was basically a catboy hat, I shit you not. Straight out of an anime convention. Here's a picture of a hobbit wearing it. The other reward was a really good dagger, so he didn't choose the hat, but he was sorely tempted. I intend to get my hands on that hat, and when I do, I will post pics for you all to enjoy.


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